Guest Policy

Check-in: Check-in is between 3 – 6 pm. Please confirm a specific arrival time via email or respond to reminder email 48 priors to arrival. If you arrive before check-in time, you are welcome to enjoy the grounds, but please note that early access to your room may not be available. If you plan on arriving after 6:00 pm, please call (814) 886-4757 in advance for special arrangements.

Check-out: Check-out is before 11 am. After you check out of your room, you may use our front porch and parking area until 3 pm if you want to enjoy your last day in the area. If any personal items are forgotten, please contact us to request their return. Shipping fees will be charged to your credit card on file. Items will only be held for 30 days.

Parking:  Safe, free, well-lighted parking in front of The Station Inn, or on our lighted lot at the rear of the building.

Common Areas:  The Station Inn’s front porch and common room are available for use of registered guests only.  Guests may invite friends to visit; a token visitor fee may be added to room charges.  Help yourself to our complimentary soft drinks and spring water.  Be considerate of others when using apps and scanner radios.  Keep volume low when on the porch or in the Common Room.The innkeeper’s residence is not available for guest use. Guests are asked to stay within the common room except to access the beverages, powder room.

Children:  Youngsters under 17 must be accompanied by an adult, especially when near the railroad.  The Station Inn’s TV may not be used for video games. A parent must accompany youngsters who watch our TV. Staff members are unable to transport, entertain, or supervise children. Children under 17 must accompany their parents when parents leave the property; The Station Inn will not be responsible for children whose parents leave them.

Kitchen:  The Station Inn’s kitchen appliances and equipment are not available for guest use, as per state law.  Guests may use designated refrigerator at the top of the stairs for leftovers, beverages, and to recharge freezer packs. Limited ice available for personal refreshments. Purchase bagged ice for your cooler nearby.

Alcohol:  The Station Inn neither sells nor provides alcoholic beverages. Registered guests of legal age are welcome to enjoy beverages they have brought with them. Wet goods available at several locations nearby.  Cresson has an open container law; alcoholic beverages may not be consumed while on the sidewalk or in the garden.

Railroad Safety:  We shouldn’t have to say this, but we will anyway. STAY OFF THE TRACKS.  Use the underpass to cross to the other side.  Take photos and videos from a safe distance, and do not trespass on railroad property.  Unsafe behavior is not welcome.

Accessibility:  Two first-floor rooms are available, bathrooms have grab bars.  A chair lift is available under prior arrangement.  We advise that you call ahead (814-886-4757).

100% Smoke-Free: For the comfort and safety of our guests, all interior areas of the property are entirely smoke-free, prohibiting the use of cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco (chew), e-cigarettes and marijuana in compliance with state laws. Smoking inside will add a $250 cleaning fee to your bill. Smoking is permitted in the garden and is prohibited on the front porch.  Do not throw any butts or matches on the ground.

Candle, Incense, Essential oils: The use of candles, incense, and essential oils (diffusing, vaporizing, etc.) in any guest room is prohibited.  These items and activities will be treated as smoking, a fine assessed, and the guest may be asked to leave with no refunds.

Breakage or Damage to the Property: Any damage or loss caused by guests to the property, inside or outside of your room, such as carpet stains, soiled furnishings, broken windows, missing items, or damaged appliances, beyond reasonable wear and tear, will be billed to the guest and applied to the credit card on file.

Lost and Found Policy: We assume no liability for lost, misplaced, stolen or damaged valuables or belongings.  If you discover you have left something behind, please contact us immediately (814) 886-4757.  We will make every effort to locate your lost item. Shipping fees will be charged to your credit card on file. Items will only be held for 30 days.

Quiet Hour: For the comfort and convenience of all guests, “Quiet Hour” is observed between 10 pm and 7 am. Guests are asked to keep conversations, radios, smartphones at a low volume level between these hours.  Please keep the front door locked during this time.  Guests congregating in the Common Room are asked to be mindful of guests who may be asleep in the first-floor rooms.

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