The Station Inn

Railfan & Railroad Magazine, June 2022

Media Mentions Over the Years

The Station Inn here in western Pennsylvania is utterly lacking in amenities… Yet guests from across the continent and beyond return again and again to this bed-and-breakfast…

—Eugene L. Meyer New York Times

“To all but the most avid rail fans, Cresson is almost beyond comprehension. An average of 75 trains rumble through each day, all clearly visible from the lengthy front porch of the Station Inn.”

—The Washington Post The Washington Post

“What makes The Inn a complete experience is the chance to talk with fellow guests”

—Ryan Fischer Erie Times-News

“Cresson’s most popular railfan spot is now the Station Inn.”

—Barber & Olmstead Railpace

“Guests get a first class seat from which to see the minutiae of rail operations.”

—Dan Machalba Wall Street Journal

“The 1866 Station Inn in Cresson is the place to stay when visiting Altoona. The style is no frills, but comfortable.”

—Jacqueline Ruyak The International Railway Traveller

“It would be downright delightful to leave the eager-beaver photography to others and just spend a day on that porch watching the railroad world come to you.”

—Jim Boyd Railfan & Railroad

“To folks with an unshakeable railroad jones, this is paradise with a 100-foot front porch.”

—Tom Gibb Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“The Station Inn draws because it is a fraternity of kindred spirits.”

—Tom Gibb Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“’s description of the Station Inn as ‘a rail enthusiast’s paradise’ is, if anything, understated.”

—Stephen Kennedy Explore PA

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