Lehigh Valley Suite

Sleeps: 6

Beds: 2 XL Twin beds per room (3 rooms)


Our simple, unassuming suite has its own entrance, 3 bedrooms with 2 XL twin beds each, and two small full private baths each with shower. The entry includes a desk and breakfast nook, including a Keurig machine, mini fridge, and microwave. All twin beds are 39 X 80 XL’s.

The Station Inn is a different kind of B&B. Close to a busy railroad, our inn offers a pleasant escape from everyday distractions. The climate in Cresson, PA is mild with average temperatures ranging from 54-79 degrees Fahrenheit in summer months and 16-36 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.  Ceiling fans, oscillating fans, and space heaters are available in all rooms.  

The Station Inn is unable to accommodate youngsters under the age of ten. 

See our RESERVATION POLICY and GUEST POLICY for details concerning changes, cancellation, children, pets, alcohol, and tobacco.

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